spotsize® was successfully launched in 2022!

The first customers are Kulson in Berlin, a brand that stands for sustainable sneakers made from recycled plastic from the ocean. TagYourShoes, a new footwear brand from Fisla in Norway that wants to make YOU smile with their fresh collection of bespoke shoes. With FHeel Technology from Florence, an innovative manufacturer for comfortable and fashionable shoes at the same time. What they have in common is their ability to innovate and their enthusiasm for digitalisation, but also their commitment to offering climate-friendly and sustainable products for their customers – both online and offline.

The magic behind spotsize®

Now everyone with a smartphone can easily create his/her personalized 3D foot profile – their spotsize – in just a couple of seconds. The spotsize® 3D digital twin includes a 3D foot model which can be used whenever the consumer is looking for new shoe models. With the personal 3D digital twin at hand, the user profits from size and product recommendations, virtual try-on options and made-to-measure offerings.

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spotsize®AI-Champion Award 2020

Awarded as AI Champion in the category of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Baden-Württemberg in Germany.

People - Planet - Profit

spotsize® – We deliver a world class customer experience and help companies to become truly environmentally friendly and sustainable. As business innovation leaders, we are enhancing your competitiveness, image and branding. We help you achieve remarkable revenue growth and significant cost reduction. Our main goal is to support your business success with new digitized products and services for

-34Mio. €




+100Mio. €


136Mio. €


the new normal

spotsize® – The driving force behind THE NEW NORMAL of personalized shopping. We are a fashion-tech cloud company with the mission to help save the US$ 600 billion global foot wear and apparel market from its greatest problem: size-related returns.

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Seamlessly integrates in one place

spotsize® is a cloud service (SaaS) designed to seamlessly integrate with a retailer’s or brand’s shopping app by simply calling it as a web service. There is no additional app for spotsize® needed nor any size-ID to be sent laboriously by email. The solution is designed to make the consumer’s experience pleasant while leveraging the past investments in e-commerce infrastructure and mobile app development into the future.

spotsize® - THE NEW NORMAL

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