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TagYourShoes runs spotsize!

Soon you will never have to miss your shoe size again - Luisa is the first in the Nordics with the tool spotsize - iSolør -

TagYourShoes is the first in the Nordics with the tool spotize. The NEW OPPORTUNITY: Thanks to the size scanner from spotsize, customers never need to miss the shoe size again. The behind the scenes of any fashion product is very complex, between the materials and the people behind the manufacturing there are many steps to achieved. TagYourShoes means making better decisions for the planet together. Now TagYourShoes runs spotsize ...

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Abenteuer Leben - kabeleins broadcast

How innovative personalities put their ideas into practice and start their own businesses in Germany:

Today with Jacqueline Yildirim. An entrepreneur with a migration background who turned her passion for fashion and shoes into a high-tech start-up. Goat's milk and high heels don't have anything in common? Have a good time! Both are the source of inspiration for two up-and-coming German startups. We found out exactly what these companies offer and who is behind them. Come and join us learning about them with Abenteuer Leben - the kabeleins broadcast...

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SWR Aktuell Mondial Podcast

Artificial intelligence when buying shoes and what positive impact this can have to people and planet

Welcome to our podcast "SWR Aktuell Mondial". It's about exciting startup founders, their personal experiences, what is important to each of them, and also what role different cultures and their own background play on the way to a startup. Also present are Lei Shen, head of the Ulm-based company Sax Power GmbH, and Alexander Hirschfeld, research team leader at the German Startups Association. Listen in SWR aktuell Mondial and get inspired ...

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Helden des Mittelstands

Mal entwickeln sich Umsätze anders als geplant, die IT-Probleme sind größer als erwartet oder Fachkräfte Mangelware.

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AI Award 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the key technology of the future, which is as important for the economy as it is for solving global social challenges.

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Where the pioneers in artificial intelligence are at home

Baden-Württemberg: Auf dem Weg zur KI-Leitregion

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Find you Shoe size with Machine Learning

Ermittlung der Schuhgröße mit Machine Learning

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Comfortable High Heels at Last!

For one former SAP employee, what might sound like a paradox is a new business model ...

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Durchbruch mit Ansage

JACQ findet mithilfe von Fuß-Selfies geeignete Schuhe ...

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spotsize: Besseres Schuhkauf-Erlebnis durch Größenfindung per AI

Die Umsätze im E-Commerce wachsen weiter und das Smartphone nimmt einen zunehmend wichtigen Part im Kaufprozess ein.

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Mode ohne Schmerzen

Schmerzende Füße sind lästig. Bequeme Schuhe sehen aber meist nicht schick aus. Jacqueline Yildrim verkauft im Internet modische Schuhe, die bequem zu tragen sind.

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The Secrets of Germany's Success

From sick man of Europe to world's richest exporter - how did Germany do it?

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