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Did you know that three out of every five people are likely wearing the wrong size shoe60% this is really a lot isn’t it? That’s partly because the system the industry uses to determine shoe size is antiquated. It’s not just the equipment — essentially a foot ruler with a measurement scale based on a barley corn kernel – but the concept of sizing itself. Brands and shoe manufacturer are sizing the same size label differently. This is problematic and ends up that a US 10 for adidas is not the same as a US 10 for Nike. This is why consumers get confused and struggle when choosing the right size in an online shop where you can not try on the shoes. Sizing as we know it is a gross simplification of a complex problem.

It's easy as taking a selfie, try it now

Using your smartphone’s camera, spotsize® will scan your feet, collecting thousand of data points mapping your foot morphology within a matter of seconds. This hyper-accurate digital twin of your unique foot dimension can then be stored in your account or profile and easily used for future shopping online and in-store.

Use it for everybody

You can also use spotsize® in a retail store. This experience allows store shoppers to help find the best fit for whatever shoe you’re wanting but not available in that store so than it can be send from another stock to your home place.

If you want to shop for family or friends, you can enter a guest mode that will allow you to also spotsize® their feet. spotsize® will be great for parents trying to figure out what is the correct size for your little one this time. Every two or three month they easily measure with spotsize® and order a new pair for their little ones.

How to Apply It

Once you’ve spotsiz-ed your feet, you will be offered a “best fit for you” recommendation for that footwear wherever you shop — in the app or in store.

For example, if you have used spotsize® for your feet and you go to purchase a new shoe model in a web shop, you won’t see a run of sizes anymore. Instead, you’ll just see your size for that particular shoe. Do you run an online shop, then check out our product section for more information on our B2B services.

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Why spotsize® matters

spotsize® is a transformative solution and an industry first —
using a digital technology to solve for massive customer friction.

In the short term, spotsize® will improve the way Brands designs, manufactures and sells shoes — products better tailored to match better consumer needs. A more accurate fit can contribute to everything from less shipping and fewer returns to better performance.


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