spotsize® makes e-Commerce a pleaseant and positive experience

spotsize® is a fashion-tech cloud company with the mission to help save the US$ 600 billion global foot wear and apparel market from its greatest problem: size-related returns.
We leverage the latest insights and breakthroughs in AI and „computer vision“ (mimicking the human visual system) to build the very best product to reduce returns and provide a genuinely pleasant user experience. Our patent-pending technology acquires a biometric 3D digital twin of the user’s foot with just a smartphone and matches it to shoe model data to calculate the most accurate size recommendation for the shopper. We also incorporate size-fit feedback from other users with similar feet measurements and shapes in order to improve and accelerate our recommendation algorithm. As a next major step we are going to apply spotsize® to apparel and provide the same genuine and „gamified“ user experience.

To answer the why-we-do-what-we-do-today is the founder’s own story: Back in 2016 and after 15 years with SAP SE, she ventured out on her own with her shoe brand: JACQ – the world’s most beautiful and comfortable women’s shoes available solely online. Just like Tesla selling cars online, she believed in totally new ways of how to produce and market shoes which provide a completely different, but positive, experience for consumers in terms of fitting and ordering.
During her ruminations about how to make her vision a reality, she realized the scale of her endeavor. It was huge and would require cutting edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, vision engineering and cloud services. Becoming a SAP Hana Start-Up in 2018, she and her team succeeded with a first prototype and attracted investors to embark on this exciting journey with spotsize.

In 2030 80% of apparel will be sold online


lack of a global standard sizing in apparel and footwear


of the returned footwear happen through sizes issues


Bad user experiences, disappointing purchases, increasing shipping costs and managing returns logistics: these aspects negatively impact users, businesses and the environment.

Size Factors

Brands size differently. In addition, sizing is influenced by factors such as design, material, form, etc. This makes a global standard or comparison extremely difficult and leads to massive returns for online businesses.

CO2 Emissions

The damage caused by returns is not limited to the high costs to online retail businesses – unnecessary CO2 emissions harm people and the environment.

CO2 footprint – a promise we make to our future NOW:

It is via responsible consumption and production patterns that we can make our efforts to achieve UN Sustainable Development goals really count and, simultaneously, substantiate one of our core values: building for a better future while doing business.

By eliminating the waste for packaging and shipping by significantly reducing returns, companies can reduce their CO2 footprint and contribute to a better life for people all around the world.

spotsize® – the project for sustainability:

For our AI to become as powerful as it is today, we needed a lot of very high-quality data back in 2019/2020. So we looked for test subjects and opportunities to scan feet of as many people as possible and then used this data to train and optimize our AI algorithms over time so they could detect and accurately measure feet.

For the people who let us measure their feet, we have already planted many thousands of trees under the motto „spotsize – Data for Tree“ and supported reforestation projects of the organizations and among others.

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