E-Commerce is all about the Shopping Experience
In 2030, 80% of all Apparel and Footwear will be sold online
But today 70% of Returns are due to wrong Size Issues
Consumers prefer Retailers with a free-of-charge Return Policy.
But that is not the whole Story:
By 2020 40% of World‘s Population will belong to Generation Y and Z
They prefer Brands with Purpose and Innovations for Mobile Purchase....
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While do Millenials represent the archetype online customer profile of today, Generations Y and Z are different: They want to make a difference in the world – such as Greta Thunberg, the Swedish girl taking a stand against global warming and climate change. Youngsters like her are searching for a purpose in their lives and this will change how consumer decisions will be made in the future.

The apparel and footwear industry will have to address this and change too. In that not-so-far in the future new era, which may have already started, consumers want more than just a product at the best price. They prefer brands delivering a product with a relevant message combined with a high service level that encompasses their individual needs and demands, e.g.:

  • Fast fashion's ability to manufacture styles customized and on-demand (mass customization)
  • Brands to use ethically-sourced and green manufacturing materials
  • Transparency all the way from sourcing to consumption
  • Innovations for mobile purchase, and smart services for online sizing and fitting
spotsize Spot your Size
The new Shopping Experience for Shoe Lovers & Retailers

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spotsize is an intelligent Size Recommendation Service which connects the Consumer with the Value Chain of a Brand and a Retailer‘s Online Offering.
The Software finds the right Shoe Size by utilizing Sensors, Machine Learning and AI.
As easy as it is Fun - just like taking a Selfie
Experience follows Technology

spotsize is a cloud-based online enterprise service designed to help consumers to find the right size and avoid the hassle of returns through intelligent, AI-based shoe size recommendation using a smart phone’s true-depth sensors

spotsize allows a complete new shopping experience via customization during the ordering process, e.g. of a sneaker in an individual’s size right from home.

spotsize enables mass customization using just an ordinary smartphone and thereby brings shoe production and consumption to the next level.

spotsize’s intelligent data algorithm allows online merchants and shoe brands to understand exactly what their customer needs.

With the relevant data at hand, brand manufacturers can now produce shoes and address new customers by simply understanding fitting issues. At the same time they can predict customer behavior and fashion trends as well as accelerate their decision-making from design to market.

spotsize enables the next generation of online retail business, ushering in a mind shift to the footwear and apparel industry. The innovative solution ensures that shoes bought online by customers actually fit 100% of the time – which both delights consumers and eliminates product returns for retailers.

The spotsize service can be integrated into any order app - as simply as other similar add-on services such as PayPal.

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spotsize integrates seamlessly in your existing E-Commerce
  • spotsize is the first online sizing and fitting service built into your existing e-commerce backend
  • spotsize allows you to manufacture customized and on-demand products
  • spotsize connects your customer with a brand or multiple brands
  • spotsize helps avoid returns in footwear by up to 70%
  • spotsize eliminates costs caused by returns handling and increases your margins (up to 30%)
  • spotsize helps to reduce working capital by up to 40-50%
  • spotsize gives you deep insights about your existing and potential customers
  • spotsize is environmentally-friendly due to its prevention of waste for packaging and shipping of returns
  • spotsize addresses responsible consumption and production patterns predicted for the generations ahead

spotsize stands for Responsible Consumption & Production

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spotsize helps companies to reduce up to 70% of their returns in shoes.

With responsible consumption and production patterns we emphazize our efforts in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and substanciate one of our values doing business and building our future.

Thus eliminating the waste for packaging and shipping while reducing CO2 emission caused by transportation we contribute to a to better life for people all around the world.

spotsize is a spin-off of JACQ. GmbH

JACQ. was founded in 2016 to offer the world‘s most beautiful, yet comfortable, women‘s shoes available solely online. Just like Tesla selling cars online, the founder of JACQ. believed in new ways of producing and marketing shoes that provide a completely different experience for consumers in terms of online customization, fitting and ordering.

For this concept to become a reality, the company realized that this required an intelligent enterprise utilizing digitized processes throughout its value chain starting from design to production and all the way up to sales. Faced with a very traditionally-minded footwear industry, the founder had no other choice but to simply go for it and start work together with partners in the tech industry in order to make the vision come true.

With spotsize being the first of its kind for this type of intelligent enterprise services, the company proves that technology follows experience: As easy as a selfie, spotsize eliminates product returns and makes shopping more individualized and fun. Our intention with spotsize is to use technological innovation to make e-commerce a positive experience.

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